Build Notes Archive

Build Notes #10
On bad banks, the war of art, and a heavy workbench.
25 March 2021
Build Notes #9
On HTML email, a new ceiling, and Ice Bear saws.
18 March 2021
Build Notes #8
On new icons, work cycles, and Vimwiki
04 March 2021
Build Notes #7
On becoming a full-time independent product person.
18 February 2021
Build Notes #6
Annual discounts, not Getting Things Done, and beginners After Effects.
28 January 2021
Build Notes #5
On the M1 MacBook, Notion, and my resting heart rate.
14 January 2021
Build Notes #4
Launching the billing & Rails upgrades, fixing my slow Typescript setup.
17 December 2020
Build Notes #3
On a Life of Focus, Stripe Checkout, and a Rails upgrade.
03 December 2020
Build Notes #2
On the Boring Bitsβ„’, SEO as a filter, and an office reshuffle
19 November 2020
Build Notes
Notes on the highs and lows of building indie software products.
04 November 2020
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