James Chambers
Good morning. I'm James.

I'm the founder of storyboarding SaaS Boords, and animation company Animade. This site catalogues my writing on software products, marketing, business, and productivity. Sometimes I throw in a bit of woodworking for good measure.


How to test webhooks locally with Rails 6 & ngrok
Build test-driven webhook functionality on your local machine with Rails 6 and ngrok.
November 2020
Build a Rails 6 JWT JSON:API with Devise
How to build a test-driven JSON:API authentication system with Rails 6, Rspec, and Devise
October 2020
How to build a pegged-mortise bar stool
Embellished build album of my first foray into furniture-making.
July 2020

Companies & Projects

Co-founder of the London-based animation studio
July 2010Now
Bootstrapped storyboarding SaaS for creative professionals
November 2015Now
Hover Studio
Co-founder & director of the interaction design studio
November 2013October 2015
Hover StatesPreviously
Founder of the interaction design blog
November 2012October 2015
Bootstrapped minimal web-based RSS reader
November 2014October 2016
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