James Chambers
Good morning. I'm James.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and artist currently interested in building and growing self-funded SaaS products. You can follow me @jameschambers or sign up for my twice-monthly newsletter, Build Notes.


Annual Pricing as a Discount
In January of 2021, I redesigned the Boords pricing page to reframe annual plans as discounts. Here's what happened.
April 2021
How working remotely lowered my resting heart rate 22%
Despite everything last year had to offer, my heart rate dropped from 59 to 47BPM in 2020. What gives?
January 2021
Hot reloading Next.js with Docker in development
Learn the tricks needed to get Next.js hot reloading working with Docker in a development environment.
December 2020
How to fix slow Typescript syntax highlighting in Vim
How an old regex engine caused hours of misery, and the one-line fix which saved me.
December 2020

Companies & Projects

Storyboarding SaaS for creative professionals – Co-founder
December 2015Now
London-based animation studio – Co-founder
July 2010February 2021
Hover Studio
Interaction design studio – Founder & Director
November 2013October 2015
Interaction design blog - Founder
November 2012October 2015
Minimal RSS reader – Founder
November 2014November 2016
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