Good morning. I'm James.

I'm an independent product maker interested in building and growing self-funded SaaS products.


How to transfer an image to lino for carving
Getting a drawn image onto lino to carve can be a little tricky. Here’s the best method I’ve found.
June 2022
Masterpiece Machine
On why an over-engineered task management setup can extinguish the spark required for great creative work.
May 2021
Content Marketing for Bootstrappers
How to use your strengths as a maker to grow long-term traffic for your SaaS.
April 2021
Annual Pricing as a Discount
In January of 2021, I redesigned the Boords pricing page to reframe annual plans as discounts. Here's what happened.
April 2021

Companies & Projects

Storyboarding SaaS for creative professionals – Co-founder
December 2015Now
London-based animation studio – Co-founder
July 2010February 2021
Hover Studio
Interaction design studio – Founder & Director
November 2013October 2015
Interaction design blog - Founder
November 2012October 2015
Minimal RSS reader – Founder
November 2014November 2016
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