About James

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For an up-to-date-ish summary of what I'm doing at the moment, please see my now page.


  • 1983) Born in Hampshire, United Kingdom
  • 2003) Started and abrubtly stopped a music production degree
  • 2004) Art Foundation in Bournemouth
  • 2005) Moved to London
  • 2006) Started 5oup, an online community for student artists
  • 2008) BA in Graphic Design from London College of Communication
  • 2010) MA in Design Interactions from the Royal College of Art
  • 2010) Founded Chambers Judd Limited (t/a Animade) with Tom Judd
  • 2011) Exhibited work at the Museum of Modern Art, New York
  • 2011) First Animade office space
  • 2012) Started interactive design blog Hover States
  • 2013) Started Hover Studio to take on interactive client work
  • 2015) Merged Hover Studio with Animade, stopped digital client services work
  • 2016) Passed control of Hover States to Mike Guppy
  • 2016) Started Boords as a side-project
  • 2017) Boords became a company in it's own right, hired first employees
  • 2016) Got married
  • 2018) Had our first son
  • 2019) Moved to Hampshire, assembled a garage workshop
  • 2020) Had our second son